Artist Statement

I see my role as an artist as being akin to a conductor, orchestrating interactions between objects and participants. I want the viewer to become a participant, to establish a place that alters their expected experience and enables reorientation and reexamination.   To accomplish this task I work with objects that have both digital and physical components. My work is activated through interaction, and it is only through direct experience that the work can be wholly appreciated. 

Data and digital technologies becomes a source of mechanical synesthesia. Objects can be translated from one state to another through the use of data. People often speak of what is lost in translation, but I believe that there is also something gained. The act of translation is transformation, and out of this creation new meanings are created.





Born in Ireland, Raised in the United States, I recieved my Bacholers Degree in Sculpture from the the Rhode Island School of Design. My Masters from the Pratt Institute. I live and work in South Florida.